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Free Delivery Requirements


Any customer who does not choose to receive same-day delivery of purchased items may select a preference for delivery time. In the case that you did choose same-day delivery, your delivery is most likely to be made between the hours of 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. While we make every attempt to deliver flowers on time, traffic conditions and accidents may delay delivery. In the case that this happens, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Delivery Fee Calculation


Once an order is confirmed, an automated logistics process will start and the system will instantly send the order details to related merchants for product preparation and shipping. Manual changes in confirmed orders may cause record discrepancies and affect the delivery arrangement. Therefore, we apologize that we are unable to amend or cancel any confirmed orders.

Same Day Delivery


Our absolute priority is to offer the safest service possible to customers, riders and restaurants and we have taken a number of important actions to ensure we deliver food safely for everyone. For example, we have introduced contact-free delivery, restaurant management rules for order delivery and guidance for riders on safe and secure delivery. We are in regular contact with local health officials to make sure we are offering customers, restaurants and riders the most up-to-date guidance and safest service possible. We realise this is a concerning period for everyone and want to assure you that safety is our priority during and beyond this unprecedented time. 

Delivery Process


Customers can choose ‘Contact-free delivery’ at check-out. Riders will be able to see when a customer has selected this option in the order’s delivery notes and will then follow a simple process to ensure there is no contact when the food is delivered. Riders will be asked to let the customer know they have arrived, place the order outside their door, step a safe distance back and wait nearby for the customer to collect the food before the order can be completed. Riders are also able to make orders contact-less if they wish by letting customers know through the app before they arrive.